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Over the last 18 years, we have engineered 50+ digital platforms for startups, mid-size business and enterprises.

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We are in the unprecedented time in the global economy. Around the world central banks has cut interest rates to 0% and below and it looks like we are going to stay in the zero-rate environment for the foreseeable future. Multiple stimulus packages in 2020 combined with greatly expanded central bank balance sheets indicate a strong push towards fiat money debasement to spur the inflation. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies emerged as a new asset class offering scarcity properties similar to gold and enabling greater portability and divisibility of the asset. Furthermore, Cryptocurrency offers ability to script a certain behavior related to the asset into a smart contract. This unique feature allows for new business models to be developed and a new digital economy to ultimately emerge. Because of those reasons we believe that market cap of digital assets will ultimately eclipse that of analog gold.

My name is Nikolai Lukin, and I am the founder and CEO of Lukin Technologies. I am a hands on digital transformation leader with Information Security, Cloud Automation, DevOps, AI, Big Data, and Blockchain experience. I am also a SAFe Certified Agile thought leader and strategist with 18+ years of experience in IT strategy and execution, enterprise architecture, and application development for enterprise-level applications and organizations in diverse industries.

Our clients and past projects include a track record of achievements in digital transformation, digital assets acquisition and secure storage, product evolution strategy, process optimization, and delivering software solutions and infrastructure projects that enhance overall business performance, improve cost control, and drive increased revenues.

We offer turnkey solutions and consulting in the areas of:
– Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency acquisition/disposition and storage using institutional partners.
– Development of in-house Cryptocurrency acquisition/disposition and secure storage capabilities.
– Strategy and Roadmap around Digital Assets, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), & Security Tokens.


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We Build Enterprise Applications Using Emerging Technologies

Turnkey Enterprise Token Solution

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Turnkey Enterprise Token Solution

We have developed a robust enterprise solution for your tokenization needs.
We offer a custom token for your business, full integration with your web portals, secured wallet and electronic token transfer functionality. Our turnkey token platform is complemented by the strategic reporting portal for token exchange monitoring.


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